Pro Tips To Write The Perfect Blog Post

You do not have to worry yourself to death to craft the perfect blog posts. You have to remember this is YOUR blog, it should be written to whom you want to read it. There is always talk about your perfect avatar or your tribe, honestly, you can call the reader whatever you want just so long as you get them visiting your site, right?!

Just in case you do want to find your peeps and get more clarity on who your target audience is, take a look at this post, it is quite insightful. It also includes a printable if ya like writing everything down as I do. I love me some printables.

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Download The Printable

As you read this post write down any ideas you may have. Then use it to help you start creating your perfect blog posts. 


Clear, Precise Titles

People can read pretty fast, not to mention the all-time favorite man-scanning. Even I do it, I know you do too.

Your title has got to pack a punch fast. Powerful buzz words to precisely tell the reader what they will be getting from reading your blog post.

5 Steps To Teach Your Cat To Fold Your Laundry

See, you know exactly what this post is about and what you will learn and it will be done in 5 steps.


Captivating Opening Paragraph

This is your place to shine. Come up with an engaging paragraph to set the stage for what your reading will be getting from hanging on your blog.

You could break up the paragraph by doing any of the following:

  • A short numbered list
  • Ask a hypothetical question
  • Statistics – like, if you don’t implement these steps your cat could become unruly and your laundry will NEVER be folded.
  • Use a picture with copy overlay


The Meat & Potatoes

When you are offering advice or teaching something you must think of a problem you are solving, a pain point. 

The reader is thinking, “what will I get if I read this post?”.

So you must write to solve their problem or offer them valuable information. Something that will be useful and helpful.

Not information that is presented in a lengthy post which would take an hour to read. Much like your title make your content precise not overly complicated.

This is also where you would want to offer a freebie of some sort if you are wanting to build an email list. – check out my post on optins-


That's A Wrap!

Remember when you were in grade school and you’d always just abruptly end your paper by saying THE END.

Well, we can’t do that, unfortunately.

Writing a conclusion to your post is super important. You should recap what you taught and emphasize how useful your tips will be if the reader implements them.

I mean come on, who doesn’t want a cat to fold their laundry.

If you prefer to offer your opt-in to join your email list after your post, now is the time to do it or offer your freebie.


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