3 Practical Tips To Create An Unshakable Mindset In Your Biz

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Just so ya’ll know, I am not a doctor or any kind. I am just addicted to keeping my body care as natural as possible and trying to fight off old age and all the nonsense that comes with it.

So do your own research and take my suggestions as a starting point. If I suggest vitamins or supplements, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Same with all other suggestions. Talk to your own doctor to make sure any product is good for you.


You are going to hate this, I know I do BUT ya gotta drink water. Not vodka, as much as I would want to. You gotta drink water. If you are drinking it and it is just running right through you then you gotta add some minerals & electrolights to help your body absorb the water better. Water is not magic by itself, you have to help it especially if your body is not using it right. Grab yourself a new water bottle to help keep track.


Wash your face! Not with a bar of soap! Not with cheap cleaners that are not safe for your body. You can have natural, safe and inexpensive all in one bottle for oily skin and normal skin.

Every morning, every night. No exceptions, unless you’ve been out partying and you really did not go to sleep. That might be the only exception.



Let’s get all those nasty dead winter skin cells off your beautiful face. Only one way to do this, microdermabrasion. You can go to a spa but I don’t have time for that. I like to do it at home. So grab your favorite washcloth then when you take a shower before bed scrub yo’ face. Scrub it good.   *** ONLY ONCE A WEEK ***



What beautiful eyes you have! Wait, what? They are tired looking and not so bright. Spend a few mins here and find the right product to liven up those eyes. Use the product every day. Don’t skip. You will only see results when you use it faithfully morning and night.



Since you just microdermed ya gotta hydrate & nourish. You can’t just slap on regular lotion and expect to have youthful glowing skin. Nighttime creame for dry skin and nighttime lotion for normal skin. Although I personally tend to use the creame after every microderm just to really get nourishment back to my face.



Acne-prone skin. Gah, don’t ya just hate feeling like you are a teenager again with the whole zit thing. So annoying but it happens. Even at my age, not a spring chicken, I still get some nasty little zits. This is super simple to fix. Just add in an anti-acne deep pore cleanser and follow up with an acne rebalancing cream. Use only when you have breakouts so you do not dry out your face with daily use. If you happen to have acne scars then moisturize them daily to help repair the damage.



The fountain of youth. We all want it right?! Well, we can’t have the fountain but we can sure get it from a bottle or two. Just because we are aging doesn’t mean we have to let our youthful-looking skin age as well. Using a collagen serum followed by an anti-wrinkle cream is going to be your best bet to keeping that youthful skin glowing all the time. 



Just like water momma, you need sleep. Not a good sleeper? I get it, I am not a good sleeper at all. 


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